It’s happening!

24 February 2017

After four years of sketches and notes, Cavemen Stories is finally in development since this January.

Funding by the Creative industries fund NL received in December 2016 has enabled me to pursue one of my lifegoals. Creating a Prehistoric RPG with a strategic twist, featuring the highest quality pixel art I can possibly make.

One of the main focuses of Cavemen Stories is to push pixel art further as a medium. Games like OwlboyIconoclasts and Heart Forth, Alicia have shown us that pixel art is more than just a retro aesthetic and Cavemen Stories hopes to take it to the next level. For me, there is something special about pixel art that no other digital art form has, Ron Gilbert describes it here:



Another focus is quality over quantity, Cavemen Stories will be a relatively short game. I like to compare it to a short story with around 4 hours of condensed goodness, not counting the tons of secrets that will be spread throughout the game world.

Stay tuned for more info in the upcoming weeks!