1 August 2017

I felt that just having about a single day per week was keeping the game back… So I have decided to take a three month leave from work to fully dive into the development of Cavemen Stories. In these three months I hope to have build, tested, implemented feedback en polished the game to a stable release-worthy version. From there I can work on marketing and polishing up the rest of the game until it’s final release in February next year.

Screenshot of a battle from the first prototype

The game has come a long way since the first prototype. The goal of the prototype was to see if I could come up with a battle system that was a mix between a regular RPG and a strategy game. This means being able to make tactical decisions, while still keeping the flow and feel of a RPG game like Final Fantasy.

Screenshot of a battle from the current build

I haven’t had the time to research all the released RPG’s out there, but so far I haven’t found a game that mixes these two genres like I intend to do. In Cavemen Stories your position and facing in battle determine how well you can hit others and get hit yourself. Because of this, you are able to attack groups from different sides to try and gain the upper hand. The game page will be updated soon, detailing what you’ll be able to find in the game and the battles.

All of the main mechanics are in the game now, so the next thing to do is to fill in the blanks. Currently, I’m prototyping levels to get a feel of the pace of the game. After that i’m going to be roughing out the cut-scenes and the coming up with encounters.

Thank you for your time!