About the Game

Prehistory, Middle Paleolithic. A flock of gigantic birds fly by. They’re migrating to far away places. The drought has hit this¬†area hard. The Savannahs have become deserts and the ever raging rivers are reduced to thin, moist strips.

Cavemen Stories is a Prehistoric role playing game with a tactical twist. You play as Ukume, a young adult gatherer, trying to find and free your captured tribe.

Pixel art

The biggest focus of Cavemen Stories is showcasing how good pixel art games can look. Showing more interaction between sprites and the world they live in.


Cavemen Stories takes a lot of queues from classic role playing games, but adds a tactical twist to the turn based combat.


Set in a time not often seen in role playing games, Cavemen Stories blends the world and creatures from before and during the early ages of man.